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In general there are 9 different cuts of meat from lamb, these are Neck of Lamb, Shoulder of Lamb, Lamb Cutlets, Lamb Loin, Lamb Chump, Leg of Lamb, Lamb Shank, Lamb Breast and Best End of Lamb Neck.

Different parts of the animal are better suited to different recipes and cooking methods.  The most tender cuts for frying and grilling, or others that reward by slow cooking such as stews to bring out the richest and deeper flavours.

We select lamb from suppliers that have taken care to raise animals that will cook well and with great flavour. We use a specialist lamb supplier as lamb quality can vary throughout the year depending on regional conditions that effect the grass on which the animals feed upon.

Cuts and recommended methods of cooking

Neck of Lamb – Cut into thick slices it is sometimes known as Scrag End, it is very tasty and ideal slow cooking. Also from this cut are neck fillets. Best cooking methods are braising or stewing.

Shoulder of Lamb – Shoulder is usually sold whole or halved on the bone and is best cooked by roasting slowly. It can also be sold diced for use in casseroles, curries  and stews. This cut is also used to produce minced lamb which can be cooked in a variety of different ways.

Lamb Cutlets – Cutting between the rib bones produces lamb cutlets. Meat from this section taken off the bone is known as a Valentine steak. Both are best cooked either pan fried, grilled or barbequed.

Lamb Loin – This cut produces Loin Chops which are ideally cooked fried or grilled. The whole loin, both sides of the lamb roasted in one piece is known as the Saddle of Lamb which is roasted.

Lamb Chump – The lower back of the animal where the loin meets the leg is known as the chump. From this you get chump chops and chump steaks. As a whole piece removed from the bone is a chump joint. All are best cooked either by grilling or on the barbeque. However can be slowly baked in the oven.

Leg of Lamb – Whole, halved or boned leg of lamb is ideal for roasting in the oven. It can also be cut up for steaks, stir fry strips or cubed for kebabs which can be cooked by frying, grilling or barbequing. A leg of lamb that has been butterflied is a boned leg of lamb, opened up into a large flat piece which can be roasted, grilled  or barbequed.

Lamb Shank – This is the lower part of the leg, it needs to be cooked by slow roasting or braising to bring out the full flavour of the meat.

Lamb Breast – This is the belly area of the lamb, it is usually rolled into a joint for slow roasting. It is quite fatty but when slow roasted the fat melts away to leave a very tender and flavoursome piece of meat.

Best end of Lamb Neck – Best end is the first 8 ribs which are known as the rack. The Rack can be cut in different ways,  if the end of bones are exposed after fat trimming it is known as French Trimmed. Two Racks with the bones intertwined are known as a Guard of Honour. Lastly a rack can be trimmed and tied into a circle which is known as a Crown of Lamb. All are ideally roasted in the oven.