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In general there are 6 different areas of meat from pork, these are Shoulder, the Loin, the Leg, the Belly, the Hock and Trotters. There are various cuts from these areas.

We select pork from suppliers that have taken care to raise animals that will cook well and with great flavour. They are slow grown to produce a traditional flavour and succulence.

Cuts and recommend methods of cooking.

Shoulder of Pork – Shoulder Joint, Collar Joint, Mini Collar joint and Collar Daube or Cube are best cooked by roasting or slow cooking in the oven. The Knuckle Shank should be cooked by slow cooking in the oven. Shoulder steaks can be cooked by frying, grilling or slow cooking in the oven. Pork mince is also produced from this area and is best cooked by frying or stir-frying

Pork Loin – Loin rack joint and loin joint are delicious roasted. Loin Eye Steak, Loin Steak and Valentine Steak cooking methods are frying, stir-frying grilling or barbequed.  Rib Chop and T Bone Chop are suitable for any method of cooking. Spare ribs are best cooked by grilling, barbequed, roasted or slow cooked in the oven. Finally the Pork Fillet which can be grilled, barbequed, fried or roasted.

Leg of Pork – Leg Joint, Mini Leg Joint and Leg Daubes or cubes cook well by roasting or slow cooking in the oven. Leg Steaks and Diced Pork cooking methods are to grill, barbeque, fry or stir-fry or slow cook in oven. The Cushion Leg Roast is roasted in the oven. The Pork Bucco is best slow cooked in the oven.

Belly of Pork – Belly Joint and Rustic Belly are best cooked by either roasting or slow cooking in the oven. Belly slices and spare ribs can be grilled, barbequed or slow cooked in oven. lastly Mini Belly slices are suitable for any type of cooking.

The Hock and Trotters – These joints are generally cooked by slow roasting. It can be quite fatty but when slow roasted the fat melts away to leave the meat very tender