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Linham Butchers supply all types of Poultry which include Chickens, Turkeys, Duck, Geese and Guinea Fowl.

Chickens – The chickens we buy are from a free range supplier, they are the a Cotswold White which is a slow growing breed developed from the Rhode Island Red and the Cornish White game, which gives the chicken a refined and excellent flavour.

Turkeys – We believe you wont find a better turkey than one of our birds. Our turkeys are produced by an independent, family owned company. The birds are all reared on farms owned or controlled by members of the Caldecott family and great care and attention to detail is paid to the flocks as they grow. Welfare is a primary consideration. They have been grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition, not reared intensively. Consequently they are more fully flavoured.

Duck – We have a variety of different ducks available at given times ask in shop for availability please

Guinea Fowl – Are available on request.